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Accounting and Finanace


Chartered Tax Professional
Price: $2,199.00
The Chartered Tax Professional (CTP) designation is the undisputed professional credential for persons who typically advise clients on income tax situations. After completing this comprehensive program, certificants will be prepared to handle almost any individual and small business income tax situation encountered. Candidates must successfully complete a series of six 30-hour, computer-administered courses in income tax preparation. All courses are offered via the Internet and can be completed anywhere, anytime 24/7 – instructor support is included with each module. Each module consists of ten 3-hour lessons and can be completed in 5-10 weeks (one or two lessons per week). The entire program could be completed in less than eight months, but generally students complete the program in 18-24 months. . Click here for the full description of Chartered Tax Professional

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)
Price: $450.00
In recent years, the globalization of financial markets, the emergence of international banking regulations and the rapid growth of new sophisticated products have dramatically elevated the role risk management plays in an organization. The Financial Risk Manager (FRM) exam leads to the Financial Risk Manager Certification - a prestigious designation granted by Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) since 1997. GARP certifies Risk professionals, Practitioners & Regulators as eligible for independent risk management analysis and decision making for the benefit of the company and its investors.. Click here for the full description of Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

Professional Risk Manager (PRM)
Price: $450.00
The Professional Risk Manager Program is a competitive exam that tests a professional’s competence in the field of risk management. This program is certified by The Professional Risk Managers International Association (PRMIA). Visit their website Today’s risk professional is expected by regulators and shareholders alike to know and understand industry best practices and to be committed to using them. The PRM certification sends the message to stakeholders that you set the standards. This course offers the students online tutorials for certification exams, ePRM Coach, and a comprehensive self-study guide for the Professional Risk Manager (PRM).. Click here for the full description of Professional Risk Manager (PRM)

Professional Tax Preparer Certification (DL)
Price: $2,199.00
The Professional Tax Preparer Certification (DL) course teaches you how to become a tax preparation specialist equipped to prepare federal income tax filings for individuals and businesses. It also teaches you the current tax guidelines needed to prepare tax filings, plus it provides an overview of the documents, statements and other necessary filing materials.. Click here for the full description of Professional Tax Preparer Certification (DL)


Advanced Income Tax Preparation Level 1
Price: $499.00
Students will study Earned Income Tax Credit (EIC or EITC), clergy income and investments. The course continues with a more in-depth study of employee business expenses, Schedules C and E, at-risk rules and passive activities. Upon completion the student will be able to assist individual taxpayers with more in-depth . Full description of Advanced Income Tax Preparation Level 1

Asset and Liability Management for Insurance Companies
Price: $600.00
The program has been designed to discuss concepts and case studies on Asset Liability Management for the insurance industry. The course discusses and reviews ALM concepts such as cash flows and risks of insurance products (assets and liabilities), applicable regulatory and capital guidelines, actual case studies and current trends and developments. The course has been designed to be conceptually sound and practical.. Full description of Asset and Liability Management for Insurance Companies

Asset Securitization Training
Price: $425.00
Asset Securitization (AS) has revolutionized the field of finance. It provides an opportunity for financial institutions to enhance liquidity, generate fee-based income and optimize the usage of capital. It can be a source of competitive financing for corporations. For investors, securitized assets offer additional investment opportunities with different risk/return trade-offs. This course presents an introduction to asset securitization, credit enhancement, and helps you understand the ratings approach to Asset Securitization. Topics presented are extensive. Please visit our course description online for more information. . Full description of Asset Securitization Training